Interior Design Trends for 2023

Since the pandemic’s beginning, we have been spending more time in our homes. Therefore, the trend that designers predict for next year is associated with solitude and the enjoyment of being in the home environment. Designs have begun to reflect comfort, stability, and simplicity. However, there is also a post-pandemic re-awakening in which people wish to explore their individualism with an emphasis on bold patterns, materials, and colors. While going for the maximum effect, there is also a tendency to be minimal with space and to bring nature and sustainability into the home. The following is a wide spectrum of home decorating and design trends that professional designers predict we will see more of due to an ever-changing shift in attitudes about home and our relationship to it.


Eco-friendly home—With the emphasis on environmental conservation, homeowners are more interested in using renewable materials and finding more efficient ways to heat and cool their homes. Materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, and cork are preferred over acrylic with flooring, furniture, textiles, and building materials. They also want their homes to have smarter and more efficient appliances. Many homes will be built with increasing emphasis on sustainable supplies, natural airflow, maximum daylight, and natural ways to obtain energy for warmth and cooling.

Holistic Approach

Holistic approach—The design considers the mind and body. The focus is on creating an environment that makes the homeowner feel happy, healthy, and productive. Warmer wood tones in furniture and fabrics versus dark or stark, white surfaces are becoming more synonymous with comfort and well-being. Open floor plans with a free flow of movement, such as the practice of Japanese feng shui, encourage tranquility and peace of mind through decluttering. Open shelving and under-counter storage, as opposed to built-in cabinetry, are some illustrations. Add enhanced natural lighting, organic implements, and warm, earthy colors, bringing the natural world into your home.

Ornate is in

Ornate is also in—On the other end of the spectrum, home decorators crave the bright and the bold. While warm, gentle furnishings and decorum are on the up, so are vivid colors and geometric patterns. The art deco style has made a comeback and is increasingly popular. While one group favors the unassuming mauves and mustards, colors like raspberry, ultramarine blue, and lavender are popular pleasers for those who want their living space to make a statement. Stripes and plaid are among the most sought-after patterns for wallpaper, textiles, paint, floor covering, and other furnishings. In addition to vibrant hues, the glossy and the elaborate are making an upward trend. Doorway arches, ceramic lamps, sweeping curtains, unusual sculptures, lavish chandeliers, marble slabs, and fancy etchings provide an old-world yet sophisticated charm.
Creating more space—When Covid forced us to shelter in place, many of us invented new areas for activities in our homes or established more room by re-purposing interiors. Many homeowners are using one room for multiple functions. The kitchen is a perfect example of a space often converted into an entertainment hub or a homework corner. Dining rooms, guest bedrooms, and closets become home offices, art studios, craft rooms, or workout areas. A solution for previously underused areas of the home came about out of necessity.

With the world a wild and unpredictable place, many homeowners are looking for new ways to redesign and decorate their homes to make a healthy and happy haven to escape or simply get greater enjoyment out of staying home.